At Connection we hold 4 key values above the rest. We believe if people will engage in these elements they will grow in their faith and guide others in doing the same. Let's take a look at each of them now.

Connect- We strive to connect people with God, God's Word (Bible), and God's people (Church). 

Grow- We desire for each participant to grow deeper in their knowledge of God's Word to draw closer to God, and do life in community with like minded people. We believe that this can be done best through small group opportunities. 

Love- We have a natural desire to be loved. We will connect and grow to be loved. But there's more to love. When we understand how much God loves us it will become a catalyst in our lives to love other people in a way that is selfless and sacrificial. 

Serve- We feel the best way to share God's love with others is by serving them. We challenge members to engage in service with the community so as to shine the light of Christ. We also challenge members to serve within the church to assist others in growing in their relationship with God.